4th Summon || Talk to the Animals [Backdated to earlier today.]

I summoned Pagero today to see if he could help any with the things that have been going on...I didn't keep him here very long because of everything happening to the animals around here. He thinks something bad is coming...

I'm really worried about the animals here. They're really sick...dying. I really don't understand what's going on, but it isn't good. I just wish there was more I could do. I'd summon more of my friends to help with things, but I'm afraid that they'll get sick too. There has to be something we can do for them, right?

O-oh, I got bit by some of the insects while I was out with Pagero...Is there anything I can do for this rash?

3rd Summon || Job Search


I hope I'm doing this right....Sorry to bother everyone, but...

Ah, well I've been here a few weeks now and I'd really like to find a job somewhere. Umi said this would probably be the best way to find one. I'd rather not sit around the apartment all day and I'd really like to be able to bring more money to help everyone out. I'm ready to work hard if someone needs my help anywhere. I'm really good with animals, so if there's a job involving any I'd really be interested in that, but really, any jobs that you're willing to offer I'd love to try if you'll let me. Like I said I'm ready to work hard, so please if there's any work available, please let me know.

Oh! My name is Ascot by the way. Thank you for listening.

1st Summon || Lost [Accidental Video]

[The video shows the curious face of a young man…well, half of his face in any case. The top half is concealed by his long, bushy, brown bangs. You might barely make out his green eyes behind them, and if you do, they looked worried.]

This looks like something someone from Autozam might use…I wonder if Geo and Zazu have come for a visit again? But…this doesn’t look like any part of the castle I’ve seen. [He looks away from the screen, taking in his surroundings.] Doesn't even look like Cephiro...

Oh geez. [Mumbling] I haven’t gotten lost in months! Caldina’s not going to let me hear the end of this…

ooc; HMD

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